Active and passive physiotherapy treatment is a very important part of the rehabilitation process you will receive at Chiromedix. Most patients who suffer from pain will see greater results when treating the joints and skeletal areas as well as the muscular system. At Chiromedix, we use a more evidence-based approach, concentrating on symptom relief through the function of healthy joints, nerves and muscles, resulting in reducing your painful musculoskeletal conditions. Muscles are such an important part of getting the most benefit with your chiropractic care. Your pain is usually a combination of things going on inside your body. That is why you will get the best results with adjustments, along with massage and physiotherapy.

In Florida, Doctors of Chiropractic are licensed as Primary Care Physicians (PCPs). All our doctors are not only licensed in Chiropractic but are well trained on physiotherapy treatments and modalities. In addition, we can bill health and auto insurance for those services without a referral from your medical doctor. We work closely with several medical doctors who can help with prescriptions in cases where they are needed.

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